10 things you should know about me.

1. In a parallel universe, I'm a hip-hop and Latin dancer with my own TV show.

2. In real life I am a SEO Manager and Coach for SEO Professionals.

3. I didn't like the school, but somehow ended up with
📖 MA in Marketing
📖 MSc in Digital Marketing
- Don't ask me why; just continue reading.

4. Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Where I developed a poverty mindset, unuseful beliefs about what is possible for me and how world is and a lot more things I had to work on in order to get where I am today.

5. I moved to Ireland due to my SEO career and I always felt there was something more for me out there even though I did not know what that is at the time

6. Being in a new country, speaking foreign language (English) and having to prove myself at my work contributed to my anxiety, imposter syndrome, self-doubts, and other means of mental self sabotage.

7. At one point I hit the rock bottom mentally and decided enough was enough. I took responsibility for creating my dream job, getting the salary I deserved,  learning how to create fulfillment at my work, and went from surviving to thriving my life. 

8. I achieved all that by working on my mindset. When I saw what was possible for me I became passionate to help other SEO professionals create the same results in their life and business. 

9. I’m an ambassador for excelling at both your SEO job and your personal life without hustling, overworking,  stressing about the new Google updates….It is possible; you just need to learn how and that is exactly what I teach you in my 1 on 1 coaching program.

10. Taking charge of your life instead of going with the flow will absolutely be uncomfortable, but in the same time it will be worth it. Me and my clients are the proof of that.You can get an SEO job and live the life of your dreams by working on your mindset. 

Let me guide you and show you how!